How much will bitcoin be worth in 2017

Even easier if they have numismatic value above bullion value.One may believe in the future of world peace with the greatest of hope and charity.

However, there will be an INFINITE varieties of crypto-currencies.While those other gangs have, once again, a much worse track record.

Bitcoin Price: See How Much It's Worth Now - Growth Stock

Oh, government must spend the currency and then collect all or some part of it in taxes.So what they would do is to create own parallel transaction logs one behind the actual current code.

So, as for confidence, Gold has a lot more history behind it than Bitcoin.If I percieve that my currency is worthless, hence no store of value or at least a store of value that is rapidly losing value, then I must get rid of it as soon as I can for goods than have a store of value or worth that can be bartered.Is there any security vulnerability of the technology itself then.Now that the good times are rolling, again, for Bitcoin as a global currency and exchange of value, how far can Bitcoin price go.

The usage of Bitcoin for moving money out of China, has really demonstrated this is a killer app for crypto currencies.

Bitcoin will be worth $1500 us by December 2017.

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It rather operates like a separate fiat currency if you will.To say that Bitcoin has had a roller coaster ride would be an understatement. September 14th 2017.Looks like that site stopped displaying a live stream of bitcoin transactions.

This could enable Bitmain to achieve a near monopoly on bitcoin mining, which would give the Chinese government the power to shut it down.You can buy precious metals anywhere in the world with a credit card.I cancelled my Directv account and was owed a refund for the balance on my account.The bitcoin blockchain is the first and most secure and powerful blockchain by leaps and bounds.I invested all my money into WORLDCOIN because this coin will have a nice future.Recently, legislation in Japan allowed retailers to start accepting bitcoin as a legal currency.

Bitcoin is worth more than ever, but it's losing clout

The same goes for gold: it derives its value solely from its rarity, combined with its desirability.

I bought a very nice cooler off Amazon with Bitcoin as well. Just sayin.Well, what about those Eastern Woodland Indian types and their long houses.So you get anonymity for personal use, pubic visibility for government use.There are a lot of things that would need to go right for bitcoin before a million-dollar valuation is possible, so keep that in mind before deciding to put a substantial amount of your hard-earned money into the digital currency.They do tend to pull you to the side and FBI background record check you though when you enter declaring large amounts of cash.As a general concept, as a general principle. supply does not create its own demand and demand does not create its own supply.After years of volatility, the Bitcoin price forecast is finally on an upward trek through 2017 and beyond.Of course once the belief in the value of one of those balloons decreases then the balloon begins to shrivel appropriated to the strength of the belief.

If so, then one would believe that supply should be increased to satisfy demand.Full faith and credit to some unknown computer algorithms of unknown origin and location.But no one in Wiemar Germany gave a single thought to the currency system or the role of the central bank or any technical aspect of banking and monetary policy.Which they will, exactly at those times that you need to to carry them the most.At some point the government will crack whatever hashing algorithm BTC uses.In a high-growth industrial economy, you need more money to oil the machine.