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ENIGMA CATALYST — A decentralized data marketplace and data-driven crypto investment platform.ADSHARES — Decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising.MAKE IT VIRAL — A new video sharing platform with token incentives.ARAGON — Everything you need to run your company on Ethereum.Aether United — A crowdfunded and crowd-governed eSports team.

Galactikka — Decentralized social network that rewards content creators.EstateX — A decentralized platform to buy, sell and rent property.

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F2UPhone — A phone concept based on cloud computing and virtualization.

Eloplay — A blockchain based eSports platform for creating tournaments.Anryze — A distributed computing network for speech recognition.

Sunlightcoin — An open charitable project for Ukrainian orphans.FintruX — A decentralized platform for loans, mortgages and leases.ModoView — A platform for creating enterprise Mixed Reality applications.ReOrder — Cryptocurrency payment infrastructure for retail stores.TELE2-teleport — Invest in high speed internet from Europe to China across Russia.TEZOS — The self-amending crypto ledger with smart contracts.Exploring the simplicity and Zen of wooden tokens in a unique sliding coin puzzle.Now imagine paying your toll but still ending up with a fine.

This form allows you to flip virtual coins based on true randomness, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in.BRICKBLOCK — Tokens backed by real world assets such as stocks.

Tolls are a frustrating part of driving on highways in New Jersey.The Memessenger — Messenger that uses memes instead of words.BASIC ATTENTION TOKEN (BAT) — Ethereum-based digital advertising.ETCH — Shared financial ledger for the construction industry.BITINDIA — A crypto wallet and exchange for the streets of India.GLUON — Tokenizing the intelligent connected automotive marketplace.

DASERON — Decentralized platform for selling and sharing content.Plato Network — A next generation decentralized social network.

They started calling their idea Coin, and decided that it should only have one button.ARTCOIN — A conduit supporting a democratized art collection.Tmrrw — A real world, blockchain based, livable ecosystem in Los Angeles, CA.Sun Multiwallet — A free mobile wallet for storing multiple cryptocurrencies.TRAFFICX — Decentralized transportation platform built on Ethereum.

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Ponsumer — A unified technological infrastructure for sellers and buyers.PATIENTORY — Blockchain-based healthcare data storage and solutions.

Diamond Reserve Club — A private, tokenized business membership club.BioCoin — An international blockchain-based loyalty platform and an eco-cryptocurrency.Cryptaur — Aiming to disrupt traditional commerce channels with blockchain tech.KYBER NETWORK — System for exchange and conversion of digital assets.

ESTATE COIN — Aiming for high returns on real estate development.Some have attributed her win to an improbable lucky streak of coin tosses. Yes.Then, when you want to pay for something, scroll through and choose the one you want — the Coin device is swiped just like a regular card.LOCI — Distributed database for patent research, discovery, and licensing.

Seratio — Ethereum-based platform that captures both financial and non-financial value transactions.THE AGORA — Decentralized marketplace built with Ethereum and IPFS.

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Unolabo — Decentralized, global skill market built on Ethereum.